She Knew There Was More Coaching Program

A Diane’s Heart participant-only coaching program and community completely dedicated to providing motivation, encouragement and accountability to our moms who are working towards chasing their one big goal and dreams and have purposed to live life successfully.




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“She Knew There Was More”
Theme: Going for More

The concept of this program is to create a supportive community of go-getter single moms dedicated to encouraging one another as you go after your goals and dreams. Whether you are hoping to start a business, go back to school, pay off debt, finally get organized or learn to love yourself again, our program is designed to inspire you to take action and help hold you accountable as you work towards manifesting your goals and dreams.

It’s a safe haven where our participants can gather online to get coaching that fits their unique needs and time constraints, as well as practical resources to help you get and stay focused, along with ongoing encouragement, motivation, and accountability to keep you on track.

Our desire is that no mom ever feels alone on this journey. This is a place to get guidance, make friends, stay encouraged and motivated. Most of all, it’s a place to make your dreams a reality.


Week 1 – Clearing The Path
Focus: Using Mindset To Transform Your Life

Week 2 – Telling Your Truth
Focus: Identifying Roadblocks And Zapping Tolerations

Week 3 – You’re Not Stuck, You’re Scared
Focus: Overcoming Fear And Limiting Beliefs 

Week 4 – Finding Your Flow
Focus: Redefining Your Money Mindset

Week 5 – Your Best Resource
Focus: Parenting that grows leadership

Week 6 – Brand Yourself
Focus: Building Your Personal Brand 

Week 7 – You Are Worth It
Focus: Going After That One Big Dream

Week 8 – I’m S.M.A.R.T.E.R Than That!
Focus: Establishing S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goal

Week 9 – Hope is Not My Plan
Focus: Designing Your Milestones and Strategy

What Can I Expect As A Participant?

  • Nine Weekly E-learning Courses
  • Nine Weekly Required Assignments
  • Nine Weekly 1 Hour Live Group Coaching Sessions


Benefits Upon Completion Of The Program:

  • Access To Participant-only Private Online Community
  • Eligible to be matched with Community Mentor
  • Eligible To Apply To Receive Adopt A Mom Grant
  • Access To Coaching Sessions Or Videos
  • Access To Monthly Planning Sessions
  • Access To Participant-Only Resources, Worksheets And Templates

    The Coaching course is 9 weeks and will provide each participant  with the opportunity to be matched with a mentor for up to 6 months following the completion of the coaching program.

    Plus access to our private Online Community.

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